Notebooks + Planners

Looking for somewhere to record your adventures? Explore our Notebook + Planner section to find everything from handmade covers and inserts to decorative vellum and matching accessories.

Handmade Leather Covers

All our covers are lovingly handmade by us, using high-quality materials and a combination of traditional and modern techniques. We offer two different finishes on our covers, Brews + Blends:


Our Brews collection uses solid colour or set pattern materials, some of these may be textured or have different properties and some may have limitations on what can be made from them due to their thickness or top coating. Included in this collection are things such as Croc and Suede finishes.

All our Brews are limited edition!


Our Blends collection uses natural leather which we then hand dye for each cover. Our dyes are carefully chosen semi translucent pigments, so the natural markings of the leather show through and it will patina over time. This collection also includes the option to add many additional finishes such as engravings and foiling.

All our Blends are individually dyed, so all unique!